Design Roundup: Upholstered Mudcloth


Inspiring picks from the web (sources listed below):



Handmade mudcloth is one of my absolute favorite traditional artisan textiles. The dye process of mudcloth dates back to the 12th century! Check out this blog post to discover more about the rich history of this fabric. 

I love that mudcloth has a bohemian vibe, yet it is actually incredibly versatile. The geometric patterns compliment so many different interior styles! Upholstery is a beautiful, functional application for mudcloth. You can DIY a thrifted chair, or hire a professional to upholster something custom- either way you’ll have a one-of-a-kind piece.

Ready to get started? I’ve been a textile hoarder collector for quite some time and I’m excited to share some pieces in my new Etsy shop, Folk Finds! My authentic mudcloth was ethically sourced from artisan cooperatives in Mali.


  1. Industrial Chic Bench
  2. Indigo Ottomans
  3. Vintage Upholstered Chair
  4. Midcentury Modern Footstool 
  5. Library Chair

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