Today in the kiche Mayan calendar: 3 Kawoq / 19th of July.

My Mayan nahual is Kawoq and my energy is 3 (electric) so according to the Mayan Calendar, today is my day.

“Kawoq represents the raging rainstorm and our safe home or shelter from it. On this day, we may ask for the power to overcome all kinds of obstacles and confusions, especially as we relate with other people.

Kawoq teaches us how to communicate and get along as a group. This nahual represents the day when the ancestors managed to overcome their disagreements and create a world of lasting beauty and harmony. Similarily, when we want to co-operate and combine our abilities with others, we often realize that its easier said than done.

Whenever we experience such challenges, we may invoke the nahual of Kawoq and ask it to channel our personal efforts most beneficially, so that we all work together towards the same goal. Kawoq represents natures own uniting principle through the raging storm; in other words, a natural power we never can control and that simply forces us to gather around a common purpose or point of agreement.

Today is a good day for working with co-operative projects, and especially projects that are aimed at bringing something positive towards the greater whole. May we learn to overcome our own hesitations towards embracing change, and may we simply learn to let our energies flow according to the easiest “ways” available.

May we never forget to honor our sacred and shared connection to the same platform of existence. May we simply trust that if our individual efforts are meant to merge with those of others, then so be it. May we rest in this belief and simply do our best with whatever we feel is the right thing to do.” The Mayan Time Capsule.

Traveling feet. $1 market flip flops, anklet from a South American artisan and tattoo of the Kawoq glyph from my dear friend Javier during my first time in Guatemala.


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