“No soy de aquí ni soy de allá, no tengo edad ni porvenir y ser feliz es mi color de identidad…”

“Argentine singer-songwriter, Facundo Cabral, died Saturday after a car he was traveling in was ambushed by gunmen in Guatemala. He was one of Latin America’s most admired folk singers and a man the United Nations once designated as a, “worldwide messenger of peace.” Cabral’s death sent shock waves throughout Latin America and the international community. Hundreds gathered in Guatemala City to commemorate the celebrated singer’s death over the weekend. Guatemalan President Alvaro Colom declared three days of national mourning in honor of the musician’s passing. The eighth child of a poor Argentine family, Cabral’s songs were known for mixing themes of social justice and spirituality. He fled his native Argentina to Mexico in 1976 after a military junta seized control of the country and remained in exile until the fall of the dictatorship in 1982. According to President Colom, Cabral’s killers were “professional hit men,” who used three cars to surround and attack the vehicle the famous singer rode in. Cabral’s road manager and a Nicaraguan concert promoter and nightclub owner were also critically wounded in the attack. Authorities have suggested the Nicaraguan, a man by the name of Henry Fariña Fonseca, was the target of the violence, but Nobel Prize-winner Rigoberta Menchu, a friend of Cabral, believes the ambush may have been related to Cabral’s beliefs.” (democracynow.org)

Unfortunately hearing about a murder in Guatemala City is nothing new. However this time it wasn’t ‘just’ a gang member or bus driver. Cabral’s death has sent people all over Latin America and the world into mourning and the people of Guatemala are horrified that this happened in their country. The reality is that it is an equal tragedy when anyone is murdered but the fame of Facundo Cabral has brought an awareness to the violence that has become commonplace. Every death such as this should be considered an outrage.


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